Friday, 1 December 2006


Hey this is my first blog. We have to do it for "uni" I guess the first blog is technically where i am supposed to tell you about myself, what i like blah blah blah... but i cant be bothered look at my bebo page if you don't know me and really want to know.

Kiwi Fruits... How do you eat them? I had one for my lunch yesterday and it made my tongue hurt. for a long time. and no i didnt eat the skin.


Filmoar said...

you eat them with a spoon i heard

Laur-On-Toast said...

Kiwi fruits hurt my tongue too! But I like them... so I eat them. Did you know they have more vitamin C than oranges?

monkey said...

yes, a spoon is the most popular method i believe. Though you can carry on with just the will give me a giggle on a daily basis!! hilarious.