Tuesday, 2 January 2007

happy new year

ok xmas/new year is over. i havent posted because i havent been bothered. i deleted my old blog because it was getting depressing - and im trying not to let this one do the same.

xmas firstly was the biggest load of rubbish ever(oops off to a bad start). im usually all for xmas spirit and get really excited but it was a let down - presents and xmas morning traditions were great however eating out for the meal was as bad as i thought it would be and not seeing any of my family and even the people we were with leaving really early. i was just really down most of the day.
New Year was better - was with a good bunch of people and first footing with weed was most random but fun.

but now i cant help but go back to why im down.. maybe its that i feel 'blogging it' iwill get it off my chest - maybe ill just delete this post a few days down the line cause i think it sounds pathetic i dunno.
so how some people act pisses me off. im not going to go into detail but i wish a few people i know could make up there mind, not lie and be themself. saying that i must piss some people off - half the time i wish i wasnt so shy, or didnt talk too loud when i get excited (lol) or be too 'sensitive'. its been said for ages and i havent snapped out of it yet.

so naturally im not going to keep down about it - or hell i dont want to keep down about it. a few people who im close to will know that the past month or so hasnt been the happiest. and its up to me to snap out of it. so considering its new year i should probably make some resolutions or something. i should study. i should save money. hell i dont know.

Sunday, 10 December 2006


not posted in a week? thats cause ive had no bloody time.

this could be amusing to read back on because im not in the best of moods as im writing this.. however im not sure if i can convey my emotions through words.

this week what has hapened ... ive worked ALOT. well wait.. sunday and monday did nothing but write an essay on apples due in for Tuesday. Tuesday i went out for a quick drink from uni (yay strawberry cider!) but then worked. Wednesday i worked. Thursday I xmas shopped, strawberry cidered and worked. Friday i uni-ed it and then Ashleighs party saturday and sunday(incidentally today and thus the end of this boring and annoying list) i worked - work night ou on saturday.

ashleighs party was actually pretty good. i didnt really know what to expect but it was a great night. shame i worked the next day but nevermind. was good seeing some people i dont really get to now - school folk and such. the limo had some banging tunes totaly ti mi likin. it was generally good "banter" all night..ended with my second time of ever being sick from booze though. so i think i drank enough to see the 18th in well even if i did only get a couple of hours sleep before startin work

works night out in honesty i thought was a bit shit. think i just wasnt in the mood for it tho - think lack of sleep contributed there. (im so excited to fall asleep tonight it is going to be a highlight thats for sure.) but maxywell did promise me that night a bear from the build a bear factory for xmas - im excited!!

Tomorrow should be great going to see the D!! lol who cares about coursework :S oopsie so much for my sticking in at uni biznitch. ooo ooo i got tickets to see mcfly - 4th row think so!?!?!! haha its going to be a great night!!

kineh kineh kineh thats all (for now) folks!

Sunday, 3 December 2006


oh my goodness this essay is going horrible. i only have about half the word count and with what i have left to write im worrying im not gonna be able to write enough. im just too tired to do any more today. fingers crossed i can get in the mood to do it tomorrow. ive been distracted today.. bad thing about going on the internet i suppose. and it wasnt even bebo today - watching xfactor from last night and realising that drake from drake and josh has a real singing career (as opposed to a fake one...)

i have the dentist tomorrow morning i am NOT happy about this. it will be the first time with this new dentist. i liked my old dentist he was nice and id had him since i had teeth - and now because ive left school i dont get him :( so that really sucks. this new dentist is my mums dentist and for some reason when she told him who my old dentist was he thought it was a dental practice for special needs children... im a little bit scared though.
number of times the i said the word 'dentist': 6/7

and final mention for todays blog is i got a present earlier today. A "grow your own spongebob" (thats right Lo Spongebobby Square Troosers haha :D) Apparenlty i put him in water and he will grow not one, not two, not even three four or five but SIX times his original size in just 72 hours!!!!! I'll keep you's posted on how successful this actually is.

Saturday, 2 December 2006


Every day postage ahoy!

Guesso whose just announced an Aberdeen date. McFly.. not that i like them or anything like that..might just go

This morning i took the advice and ate the kiwi with a spoon - i tried not to think of it as a boiled egg (i pondered whether to eat it from an egg cup.. similar size and so on) but i just held it. surprisingly no sore tongue - score!

I had the easiest day at work - 4 hour shifts rock! But they put me in the restaurant (how odd) but it wasnt actually that bad - made time past really quick cause i had to be constantly cleaning. i DID smell abit of beans after i finished tho - eurgh.

and now im blogging when i should be getting ready for tonight. a wee date with the maxwell. illicit still and pick of destiny. then we meet others and get drunk. should i get drunk? i probably shouldnt so im bright eyed and bushy tailed for the essay tomorrow. cant wait to write about apples all day.. actually it sounds pretty interesting!

Friday, 1 December 2006

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Hey this is my first blog. We have to do it for "uni" I guess the first blog is technically where i am supposed to tell you about myself, what i like blah blah blah... but i cant be bothered look at my bebo page if you don't know me and really want to know.

Kiwi Fruits... How do you eat them? I had one for my lunch yesterday and it made my tongue hurt. for a long time. and no i didnt eat the skin.